A downloadable game for Windows

Couch co-op game where you and your friends control 4 wizards, who have to collection various spell ingredients, determine which combinations of ingredients produce which spells, and battle using those spells! (Needs xbox controllers)


  • Start - Join game as new wizard
  • Left Shoulder - Grab nearby ingredient into left slot
  • Right Shoulder - Grab nearby ingredient into right slot
  • Right Trigger - Fire spell! (If you don't have 2 full slots, will do a default "dash" spell, which does a small amount of damage when dashing into other wizards)
  • A - Jump
  • Left Stick - Move
  • Right Stick - Aim Spell

Being a prototype game, there are not a lot of spell combinations available. Also, be wary that not every combination of ingredients may be safe for the experimenting wizard to cast!

Spoiler Ingredient/Combo List


Michelle Papadopoulos - Art
Cory Harrison - Art
Mark Bavis - Programming

Install instructions

Un-rar anywhere, run whichspells.exe. Requires xbox controllers to play.


WhichSpells.rar 22 MB

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